How to Work With Glyphs
and Canvas Workspace 

Look for fonts with glyphs

Download and install your font

Open Canvas Workspace (the pc version)

    open a new page; select text tool; select the text you want to use from the drop down menu at the top of the page and click onto the mat

Go to the windows icon on your pc and right click.

Scroll up to search in the drop down window that appeared and type character map.

Click on Character Map app which will bring up the Character Map box.  

1) Select font in top box

2) Click advanced view box on far left

3) Click Character set radio box  and select unicode in second box from bottom)

4) In the Group by box (bottom box) click the down arrow and select unicode subrange at bottom of the radio box.  Another box will open on the side        Scroll to the bottom of the box that just opened and select Private Use Characters (PAU)

Wha are all the glyphs for your font.  Scroll through.  To see a little more clearly click on a selection and you will see the individual letter.  

Pick the letter you want and then click select.  You can pick all the letters you want, (less control over the word) or do one letter at a time.(more control)

When you have finished picking the letters you want, highlight the letter in the box and then select copy.

Go to Canvas

Click the Text Button

You can now manipulate and play with your font.  

Send to the Scan N Cut

You can draw or cut the fonts as you desire

Opal Studios SVG PNG

information and supply list

Shadow boxes

by Opal Studios PNG SVG

These multi layered designs are super easy to make, for yourself or as gifts.  Rachael Blount has step by step directions on how to assemble them in an informative video

Opal Studios PNG SVG

This is the link to the Opal Studios assembly video. 
You must join the Facebook group to view the video.

Fairy Lights

purchased from Amazon

Sharpet 5.9 ft Rechargeable Battery Operated Pure White LED String Lights with USB cable;
30 Tiny Bright Lights
175 cm Flexible Silver-coated Copper Wire


Purchased from Amazon

LUXPaper 8.5” x 11” Cardstock for Crafts and Cards in 105 lb.
Crystal Metallic, Scrapbook Supplies,
50 Pack (White)

Backer Board

Purchased from Amazon

Everything is mounted to this backing piece. 
You only use one per shadow box.
You probably can find less quantity.

I use what I cut off as spacers.

Double Sided Tape

also from Amazon

Chuangdi 8 Rolls Double-Sided Tape Adhesive Sticky Tapes for Scrapbooking, Photos, Invitation Cards, Paper, DIY Crafts and Office School Stationery Supplies (25 Yards Long, 6 mm Wide)

8 X 8
Display Case Frames

from Michaels.
These are on sale all the time.  You can purchase individually as well.

3-Pack White 8" x 8" Shadow Boxes, Fundamentals By Studio Décor® more.



Pouches From Hobby Lobby

A great source for free fonts