How to Make A Sleeve for Your Quilt

Please note: Most professional pipe and drape display requires a 4” sleeve.
1. Cut an 8 ½” strip the length of the top of your finished quilt.
2. Fold in the each end of the strip along the 8 ½” side ¼” and again ¼”. Top stitch each end to
form a finished end. Alternatively, each end could be serged.
3. Mark the center of the sleeve lengthwise.
4. Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Press to form a crease line
5. Fold in the sides lengthwise to the center, wrong sides together. Iron. The fold lines provide a
guide for attaching sleeve to quilt.
6. With wrong sides together and using a ¼” seam stitch the sleeve length wise. Press seam, being
careful to retain previously pressed seams

7. Using previously marked center of sleeve, match this up with the center of the top of quilt. The
¼” seam made in step 6 will be in the center of the sleeve against the back of the finished quilt.
8. The ends of the length wise sleeve will be just inside the finished side edge of the quilt.
9. Using one lengthwise fold as a guide, pin its edge approximately ½ from the top finished edge
of the back of quilt, occasionally catching batting for strength.
10. Whip stitch into place.
11. Line the bottom fold approximately 3 ½ to 3 ¾ ” in a straight line from top of quilt top and pin in
place. Whip stitch into place to quilt backing, occasionally catching batting for strength.



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