Information and supply list

White 12" x 6" Rectangular Porcelain Platter Set 

purchased from Amazon

set of 2
12 X 16" Porcelain 

Brother Scan n Cut Rhinestone Starter Kit

Install on Canvas Workspace

Usable on all versions of the Scan N Cut because it is on Canvas, not your SNC machine


There are several things to keep in mind when working with Rhinestones:

    1) Once you set the rhinestone size and spacing and add the holes to your design, you can no longer adjust the size of your design!  

       ie. if you make the design bigger the rhinestone holes get bigger and vice versa.

    3) Rhinestones work best with simple text and shapes.

    4) To put in an outline put an offset of approximately .15  

Open PE Design 11 Layout and Editing

Click import Patterns /Click From Design Library on the home tab

Sizes of rhinestones in millimetres

Actual Rhinestones
From left to Right:
6 mm; 10 mm; 16 mm; 20 mm

SVG for Easter Tray